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My name is Ulla Alsly. I look forward to telling you about our house in Provence.

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Culture and entertainment

The cultural life in Provence is rich and inclusive; the villages and markets, paintings and ceramics, music and entertainment as well as a large number of museums and theme parks. Not a single day passes in the summertime without a large number of events taking place around you. If you wish to indulge in the rich cultural life, you can find some initial suggestions here.

In the list, we provide up to three different links to further information about the place. All links open in new windows.

  • The symbol  means that we have created our own article with more information.
  • The symbol  is a link to the website offered by the place (often in French).
  • And the symbol  is a link to further description on ProvenceWeb, the largest portal for information about Provence.

  • Sauvan

    Le ch?teau de Sauvan
    Near the village of Mane lies a wonderful small manor, build in 1719 to the French Queen Marie Antoinette. The manor is also known as ?Little Trianon?. Open to 3 pm.
    Read more: L ? PW


    Mus?e de la mine et des mineurs
    Between 1817 and 1948 Villeneuve was an active mining village and you can still spot the old mineshafts around. In St. Maime is a small museum. Open every afternoon.


    l'Observatoire de Haute-Provence
    The mountains of Luberon plays host to one of Europe?s largest observatory, where researchers can study the space 190 days a year. Open Wednesday afternoon.
    Read more: L ? PW

    Market Provence-market in Forcalquier
    This is a must! Every Monday morning the town hosts the largest and most genuine Provence market in the department.
    Read more: L ? PW
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