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My name is Ulla Alsly. I look forward to telling you about our house in Provence.

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Food and Wine

The Provence cuisine is relaxed, basic and uncomplicated. According to tradition, the cuisine builds on available vegetables, which are perfected under the abundant sun, in combination with other regional raw materials.

The area around Villeneuve is a living agricultural society, where most products can be bought directly from the producers: Wine, vegetables, fruit, cheese and dairy products, poultry and meat and much more. Try to prepare your meals which such ingredients, and you will never forget it. And if you do not fancy cooking yourself, there are lots of restaurants that would love to do if for you. Try them.

If you want to explore the Provence cuisine, we aim to bring various suggestions here. We collect suggestions on where to find the right products, and where to find the best restaurants.

In the list, we provide up to three different links to further information about the place. All links open in new windows.

  • The symbol  means that we have created our own article with more information.
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  • SaintJean

    Domaine Saint Jean - AOC Coteaux de Pierrevert
    The vineyards are placed just below Villeneuve on the flat banks of Durance. Our local producer is called Monsieur Emanuel d'Herbes and he owns the little vineyard of Domaine Saint Jean. Visit him and taste his excellent red, white or ros? wine.


    Domaine de R?gusse - AOC Coteaux de Pierrevert
    Founded in 1970, Domaine de R?gusse is located in the town of Pierrevert. The vineyard covers 260 hectares, planted to 20 different grape varieties. It is definitively worth visiting


    Domaine La Blacque - AOC Coteaux de Pierrevert
    The winegrowers in the area produce red, white and ros? in really good quality for the price. Domaine La Blacque is one of the best wines of the region. The red is made from Syrah and Grenache noir.

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