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The outdoor area

The house sits on a 1,000 sq.m. property with a large number of olive trees.

The Pool
In the garden is a large 9x5 meter pool, which is essential on hot summer days when the temperature sneaks near the 35 degree mark. You can indulge slowly into the cool water through the long staircase. Around the pool you will find a number of sun chairs for your pleasure.

The pool is equipped with an audio alarm in accordance with article L 128-2 in the French “Law regarding buildings and habitation”. The aim of the law is to avoid that children accidentally fall into the pool. All inhabitants are requested to observe the security procedures regarding the use of the alarm.

The pool is maintained, cleaned and chlorinated every Wednesday by a professional pool carer.

Pool Pool

The terrace
By the pool is a large terrace with garden furniture. The terrace is equipped with an awning. There is also an outdoor grill, so during summer, you really only have be indoor for sleeping.

The terrace The terrace

The Boules court
Behind the house you find a private Boules court. There are “boules” for two competing teams, so you can enjoy the favourite Provencal pastime at home, when the sun has set and in combination with a cool rosé wine. Enjoy it!

Olive trees
The olives are very important elements of the Provence culture.

Olive They are much more than just pretty trees. They furnish oil and fruits for the inhabitants, provide shade in the summer and generally symbolise the Mediterranean culture at large. The olive trees are therefore to be treated with respect and it is appreciated that one takes good care of them, which turns out not to be an easy task.

It all starts with a careful pruning in March followed by several doses of pesticides and fertiliser. During summer, the trees, and in particular the fruits, soaks in the heat and sunlight and develops slowly. Then it is time for further pesticides and fertilisers. When the first frost has passed, it is time for harvesting. The frost forces most of the water out of the fruit and leaves only the oil. Harvesting usually takes place in November and December. At this time the fruits have turned black and ripe.

OliveOn our property we have 16 large olive trees, which gives a somewhat varied crop.

In 2007 we harvested 80 kilograms olives, which yield around 15 litres of virgin olive oil.

We hope you will enjoy the beautiful trees.

The driveway
The driveway ascends quite steeply from the road to the house (app. 10 meters), which requires some skills from the driver. We generally discourage driving all the way up to the house, unless it is absolutely necessary. There are good parking possibilities for 2-3 cars across the street from the house.

Don’t forget to take a look at the description of the bedrooms and the other rooms.

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